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Client Reviews

Positive Impact

Our mission is making our clients’ lives easier through our credit restoration services, and we’re always glad to hear about their satisfaction with Healthy Credit LLC. We hope you find their success stories encouraging.

Teosha is an easy person to work with you can go to her with your personal credit needs and explain exactly what you need and exactly what you intend to accomplish. For me personally, I was a victim of identity theft I explained my unique situation to Teosha and for the last few months, my very low credit score has increased drastically. I couldn’t even possibly imagine getting approved for a house but after a few short months of working with Teosha, I can and will get approved to purchase a home. If you feel your credit is destroyed and you have no hope I promise you it’s never as bad as you think. Teosha at Healthy Creditt will do whatever it takes to deliver and get you feeling great about not only your credit but your life too.”

Casey Johnson

“This company is amazing! Teosha did an excellent job repairing my credit! I had  $9,000 worth of debt eliminated off of my credit report. She helped me understand how credit works and walked me through the steps I needed to do to get it fixed. She always answered the phone when I called and was always professional. I recommend this company to anyone who is trying to repair their credit.”

Robbie White

“This service is truly AMAZING. I wanted to clean up some things with my credit and I received more than amazing results. I received great education regarding not only how to keep and maintain my positive results, but valuable information on how to start my business. To start a business you must be able to have a strong base and your credit file is a start. My scores improved by 122 points. Amazing! Great service provided and the mentoring calls provided through the process are more than educational. They keep you uplifted and encouraged. I highly recommend their service! Teosha was nothing short of amazing she exceeded my expectations for sure."

Riley Jones

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